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By Allen Steadham

It means just what it sounds like! Brought to you via streaming Windows Media, Gia and I will broadcast over the internet from Austin, Texas in a contemporary "talk radio" format. Gia and I will blend humor and insight with the hard-hitting topics of interest to the Size Acceptance Community and also inform the general public about size-related issues (for some people, for the first time).

In addition to Gia's and my take on today's size-related issues, "The ISAA Rapport" will feature live interviews with well-known and always fascinating guests on a variety of subjects, from self-esteem to fashion to politics.

We do have plans down the road to convert to a "fully live" format utilizing instant messaging and e-mail for interacting with a live audience but we need to get our proverbial feet wet first. Incidentally, those "live" shows will also be archived online between shows.

Gia and I will continue to keep you updated and we're very much looking forward to making history!

February 3, 2004 Update:
The ISAA Rapport now has a mailing list! Get an e-mail when the latest show goes online or other exciting news happens.

February 8, 2004 Update:
Check out the Rapport's new commercial!
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May 7, 2004 Update:
For your convenience: Recently archived shows!

2.8.04 Show

Guest: Jessica Weiner

Windows Media Format
MP3 Format

1.19.04 Show

Guest: Catherine Schuller

Windows Media Format
MP3 Format

7.18.03 Show

ISAA's Sport Chalet/AVIA Activism
The A.D.D. Announcement

Windows Media Format
MP3 Format

Currently On The ISAA Rapport!

Allen and Gia chat with plus-size supermodel, mom, author, Fashion Emergency host, designer and doll EMME about her charity work, clothing line and how to be healthy at any size! In the second half of the show, Allen and Gia tackle the topic of the LOW-CARB MANIA!

Please send your comments and feedback about the show as well. Also follow current and future events in the blog!


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