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Watch ISAA's Kelly Bliss and Actress Joy Nash of A Fat Rant Debate MeMe Roth of National Action Against Obesity on The Morning Show With Mike and Juliet (20 mins, no commercials)

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The Mission of the International Size Acceptance Association is to promote size acceptance and to help end weight-based discrimination throughout the world by means of advocacy and visible, lawful actions.

Did you know that ISAA has branches across the United States, in Canada, Brazil, the United Kingdom, France, Australia and even the Middle East? ISAA's message of size acceptance and Respect, Fitness, Health has reached millions of people through radio, television, newspapers and even through film (in the DVD edition of the Oscar-nominated documentary Supersize Me). ISAA representatives have been on the Fox News Channel, National Public Radio, CNN, Al-Jazeera, the BBC, the Discovery Channel, the Laura Ingraham Show and the Wall Street Journal's Work & Family Show. ISAA representatives have been quoted in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Times, TIME Magazine and many other notable publications, television and radio programs, both nationally and abroad.

So why all the attention to what ISAA has to say? ISAA takes a no-nonsense, professional approach to helping save lives through educating the public about health and wellness for people of all sizes as well as the realities of weight-based discrimination and who gets hurt by it (everyone). ISAA also reaches people through its online electronic magazine Without Measure and ISAA launched the world's first size acceptance online talk radio show (a podcast), The ISAA Rapport in 2002. Now, it has been followed by ISAA Pods and PODWOM.

ISAA believes that by communicating our message through interesting and entertaining mediums, in addition to public appearances and advocacy campaigns, we have the best chance of reaching the most people to give them information they might not otherwise receive or consider. This is to help empower people to make decisions for themselves, armed with the necessary information to make educated choices concerning their health and their bodies, or those close to them.

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A Size-Friendly Turn From The
U.S. Surgeon General (Video)

ISAA praises the U.S. Surgeon General's effort to change the conversation from blame to one closer to Respect Fitness Health.

From The Director's Chair...

JULY 29, 2013 UPDATE::

Thanks to your financial support, the International Size Acceptance Association (ISAA) has met its 2013 fundraising goals!

ISAA was able to pay for its webhosting as well as the cost of the domain of for another year. ISAA's webhosting covers everything on the ISAA website, including the PODWOM and ISAA Rapport podcast archives, the entire Without Measure e-zine archive, all the sections and the educational/advocacy/activism efforts ISAA makes.

Thank you for helping to support ISAA in supporting size acceptance.


Allen Steadham, Director
International Size Acceptance Association


Because you must respect yourself in order to succeed.

Self-respect and self-esteem are fundamental parts of the human psyche. They are essential keys to unlocking human potential.

When people feel good about themselves and become secure in who they are, they are able to look beyond their current circumstances and dream of a better life.

ISAA contends that every human being is deserving of a fundamental level of respect.


Because people of all sizes can
become more fit

Despite claims to the contrary, people do not have to become slim to become fit; it is possible to be "fit and fat" at the same time.

Basic low impact exercise such as walking and swimming can have a very noticeable and positive effect on the human body, when maintained on a semi-regular basis. As people become more fit, their chances of living longer increase.


Because everyone could benefit from healthier food choices

Modern work and family schedules are astoundingly fast and frantic, leaving little time for home-cooked or healthy meals. This, combined with a decrease in physically demanding jobs, the invention of mass transportation, computers, video games and the internet have resulted in less physically active societies that are also eating less healthily.

ISAA is committed to helping inform the public about healthier food choices.